SA Space Technology for Sustainable Development Foundation


Promoting INNOVATION through Artificial Intelligence, Nano Satellites and Space Science as a solution to socio-economic challenges facing our people daily.


Space and Solar Science can provide untapped, sustainable development solutions to rural communities in particular.

South African Space Technology for Sustainable Development Foundation is a Section 21 Company, falling under Non-profit organisations (NPO), and a member of the Illembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The organisation is an African 2020 Space-Tech Challenge Finalist (Group on Earth Observation). It is focused on promoting innovations through artificial intelligence, nano satelites and space sciences as a solution to a number of challenges facing the society in different sectors like health, tourism, agriculture, water purification, infrastructure, education, nature conservation etc.

Our Vision and Missions are guided by Space policies and Sustainable Development initiatives whereby we integrated nature, social and economic sectors as a chain for sustainability.

Mr Thabani Mazibuko is a PhD candidate at the Durban University of Technology with   focus   on   exploring   space   technology   for   sustainable   Tourism development   in   Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal (South   Africa).   Thabani   is   a proficient   Economic   development   investment   promotion   and   Tourism champion who has accumulated significant experience in local government including   eThekwini   Municipality, Zululand   District   and   uPhongolo Municipality. 


Mr Thabani Mazibuko, Chairman

SPACE is closer than it seems

THIS MULTI-FACETED INITIATIVE will be the wind of change that will inspire a generation of inventors, producers and innovators rather than consumers, which will assist in fighting crime and a number of socio-economic challenges facing the majority of South Africans.


Our Vision by 2035, is to be a leading foundation in South Africa and indeed the African continent that promotes and builds strong participation of African people to access and engage in open participation on global space science and technology for sustainable development.


» To host captivating, exciting competitive outreach programs, professional development sessions and capacity building activities that showcase space, science and technology, aligned with commerce, sustainable development and government programs.
» To increase African participation in Space Science Technology to find solutions for sustainable development – particularly in rural areas.
» To develop hands-on, standards-aligned Space Technology content with industry and education partners.
» To provide volunteers and mentors a platform to share subject-matter expertise in relevant Space technology (satellite, solar, navigation etc) topic areas.
» To create opportunities for Space Technology problem solving and collaboration.
» To encourage male and female African students to pursue Space Science and Technology courses.


Our FOCUS is guided by Space policies and Sustainable Development initiatives whereby we integrate nature, social and economic sectors as a chain for sustainability.


Utilising available space research data, we can analyse and predict agricultural cycles, leading to food security


Data collection and analysis can both predict and prevent seasonal and endemic sickness in communities


Strengthening partnerships and networks through shared data and a united effort to bring economic sustainability


Eliminating poaching and stock theft through smart satellite surveillance, drones and sensors.